Urological Health and Simple Ways to Take Care of It

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Urological Health and Simple Ways to Take Care of It

Urological Health and Simple Ways to Take Care of It

The environment and our food habits have undergone drastic changes over the past decades. These changes have resulted in various physiological changes, which in turn have been the cause of several diseases and infections that were not prevalent before, such as the urological problems. Now-a-days there has been a rise in the number of urological problems. Urological diseases are those diseases that are related to kidneys, urinary tract and the bladder. The water that we drink today is not as pure as it used to be once. It is contaminated with industrial wastes, toxins, and other water pollutants. Also, the fruits and the vegetables we consume today have toxic chemicals and pesticides in them.

Today’s world is full of diseases, and therefore taking care of your health should be your topmost priority. Adopting simple lifestyles changes, can help avoid various complex urological problems. With advancement in technology, treatment has become easier and recovery has become faster. The latest pharmaceuticals and innovative diagnostic features for urological problems, bladder, kidney disease, and prostate have made it possible to treat these diseases with a minimum invasive technique that was once not possible.

Urological problems: Different Types

The various and the most common types of urological problems are:     

Kidney and Ureteral stones

Kidney or ureteral stones are very common in men. Deposition and accumulation of salts and minerals lead to the formation of stones. These stones block the path of urination and cause excruciating painful urine. Sometimes, these depositions become so big that surgery is required. In such a case, one should consult the nearest urological surgery hospital at the earliest possible.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs)

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are much more common in men than one might think of. It can occur in men of any age group. It is caused by bacteria or a pathogenic virus that causes severe infection in the urinary tract. People suffering from UPIs feel a burning sensation while urinating. Other symptoms of UTIs include cloudy urine and the colour of the urine may vary from dark yellow to brown colour. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is a hint that you should visit your nearest urologist.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease is generally caused due to high blood pressure that increases the pressure in the kidneys. This becomes very dangerous since it also increases the pressure on glomeruli. The prime function of the glomeruli is to remove the toxins from the blood and purify it. People who have diabetes are more vulnerable to suffer from chronic kidney disease. If you are a diabetes patient, it is highly recommended to go to your nearest urological hospital for regular check-ups to avoid any serious heath risks.     

Erectile Dysfunction

It is a condition that is caused in men. It is basically a sexual disease, wherein men face problems with erection. The most common causes of erectile dysfunction include: diabetes, excessive intake of drugs, cardiovascular diseases and neurological diseases. Many a times, excessive stress and depression may also cause erectile dysfunction. It is highly recommended for people facing problems with erection to immediately book your appointment with the best urologist near you before it is too late. You can also be treated at home, for this, take Viagra according to the scheme – go to the order.


Haematuria refers to the condition where blood is passed in the urine. It can have multiple causes like: increased blood pressure, excessive sexual activity, kidney disease, infection in bladder, haemophilia, trauma, cancer, etc. Anyone suffering from haematuria should immediately consult an urologist or urology surgery hospital in India in case the condition is severe and surgery is required.    

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Another common problem in men these days is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is basically the enlargement of the prostate gland. It is common in men above 40 years. A person suffering from BPH feels the frequent need of urinating. They feel a sense full bladder and face difficulty in urinating.   

Simple Lifestyle changes that can bring miracles on your urological health:

To maintain a healthy urological health, it is important to understand about a healthy bladder. The behaviour and the routine of a person play important role in maintaining the overall health of a person. Now that you are aware of the important and the most common urological problems, here are a few simple lifestyles changes you can adopt, that can bring miracles to your urological health. 

  • Drinking a lot of water is the very first lifestyle change that needs to be inculcated to maintain a healthy bladder. Many urological problems such as UTIs and kidney stones can be avoided and cured by merely drinking a good amount of water regularly and timely.    
  • Inculcating simple lifestyle changes, such as exercising and/or practising yoga can improve the overall health of a person. People suffering from kidney disease, erectile dysfunction, chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, and glomeruli disease can be treated naturally by bringing small changes to the day-to-day life.
  • Several studies shown that smoking is one of the prime reasons that cause urinary tract diseases in men. It is because high nicotine content increases the diuretic effect in men.
  • Healthy eating is the key to overall good health of the individuals, including urological health. There are certain foods and beverages that cause irritation in the urinary tract and promote dieresis. Especially caffeine causes a diuretic effect, since it promotes detrusor muscle excitability.

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