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Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow!

Vasundhara Hospital is a rendowed centre since 1996 in the field of Infertility Management & Women Care in Western Rajasthan. Founded by Dr. Sanjay Makwana and Dr. Renu Makwana, prominent names in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology for the last 27 years and counting. Vasundhara Hospital, since its inception has been continually recognized as Rajasthan’s one of the most Advanced A.R.T. & Endoscopy Training Centre and has been actively conducting training courses & workshops for Clinicians & Paramedicals. Our team comprises of distinguished and well acclaimed Gynecologists and Clinical Embryologists.

The field of medical sciences has been increasing manifold, new advancements, contemporary ideas, and ever increasing international standards have shrunk the entire globe to a common platform. To meet these standards, practical and hands-on training have become a necessity and are of utmost importance. Training programs at VHL are practical and evidence based, which help to enhance and enrich the young dynamic members of the medical fraternity and gives them an edge over others. In order to expand our horizon and to share our expertise and knowledge, our training programs are also recognized with FOGSI (Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India), IAGE (Indian Association of Gynecological Endoscopists), IFS (Indian Fertility Society) and (ICOG) Indian College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.

We have already trained more than 260 Medical and Paramedical Professionals in various courses & we firmly believe in the ideology that evidence based training coupled with interactive practical sessions provides a brilliant platform for exchange of ideas and intellectual growth of upcoming clinical enthusiasts. We have been regularly updating and upgrading our modules to keep up to date with the new research, technical advancements and the need of the hour.

We are sure that courses here will help the fellows in broadening their horizon and will give them an edge over their contemporaries.

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Trainings @Vasundhara

The training module provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of ART, Embryology & Gynec Endoscopy through interactive discussions and teaching sessions. Each training session is customized to trainee’s professional background, competence, skill level and training needs.

NBEMS Courses

DNB in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Primary - 3 years (post M.B.B.S.)

Secondary - 2 years (post PG Diploma)


Duration – 3 Months, 6 Months & 1 Year

A.R.T. (Assisted Reproductive Technology)


  • Introduction & setting up of an ART clinic.
  • State on art training facilities & personalized hands on training.
  • Infertility: an overview, evaluation & investigations.
  • Ultrasound in ART.
  • Ovarian stimulation & in depth understanding of different protocols.
  • Endoscopy: Hands-on Hysteroscopy & Laparoscopy
  • ART procedures: Detailed review & hands-on experience.
  • Embryology for Clinicians.
  • Implementation of a Total Quality Management program



  • Introduction & setting up of an IVF lab.
  • State on art training facilities & personalized hands on training.
  • Basics of semen analysis and report interpretation.
  • Understanding of various advanced methods for sperm assessment.
  • Learn about different techniques of gamete/embryo culture, assessment and selection for transfer.
  • Micromanipulation Techniques: Preparation of dishes, Oocyte handling and Injection of spermatozoa in ICSI.
  • Cryopreservation: Review & hands on of different protocols for gamete/ embryo freezing.
  • Exposure to Advances tools & techniques in Embryology.
  • Optimizing IVF results by performing the right quality management.

Gynae Endoscopy


Short Term Courses

FOGSI Recognized Training

  • IUI Stimulation Protocols – 2 Days
  • Basic Infertility Training Course – 7 Days
  • Advanced Infertility Training Course – 14 Days
  • Basic Gynaecological Endoscopy – 7 Days
  • Advance Gynaecological Endoscopy – 14 Days

IAGE Recognized Training

  • Gynaecological Endoscopy – 4 Weeks

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Other Recognized Training Programmes

IFS Recognized

  • Diploma in Clinical ART
  • M.Sc in Clinical Embryology

ICOG Recognized Training

Course Commencement : January & July

Pre Registration 1 month prior to Course Commencement

  • Reproductive Medicine – 6 Months
  • Reproductive Medicine – 1 Year
  • Gynecological Endoscopy – 6 Months

To apply for Trainings, please share the following details